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Nothing beats coming home to a house that is warm or cool enough to drive the stress of the day away. The problem with traditional heating and cooling system, however, is that you would have to turn it on and off manually, which means that your house could be humid or chilly when you come in and, most of the time, it will take a while for the system to reach the temperature that you want. But not with the Loxone Smart Home heating and cooling. As what the word smart denotes in terms of technology, these days, it is intelligence in a device that you can fully control. Moreover, it refers to the way gadgets learn about what you like and don’t like.

What exactly can a smart heating and cooling do for you?

Comfortable environment on demand

What intelligent heating does is to get to know and remember your preference in terms of room temperature. So the moment you turn it on, there will be no need to change the settings or re-program it every time you move from one room to another. Simply put, it ensures that every room in your home will have the right temperature. ‘Right’ being what you prefer. What makes Loxone Smart Home different, however, is that it did not forget two of the most important elements that are highly in demand from heating and cooling systems these days – energy efficiency and economy. With the system installed in your home, you not only enjoy a warm home, but a warm pocket as well, without any holes to be burned. When integrated to blinds and remote access from your mobile phone or tablet, you will be provided with a rounded solution that will keep your home warm and cosy.

Compatibility guaranteed

Worried that you might need to replace all existing heating and cooling devices in your home if you have the Loxone smart system installed? Don’t be. If it is intelligent enough to understand your needs, it should be smart enough to adapt to other heating devices, ensuring convenience on your behalf. It is very fortunate that the system is designed in such a way that it is 100% compatible with whatever radiator or underfloor heating you want installed in your home. It does not put any limitations with the way you want your home kept warm and cool, considering that heating and cooling is vital to your comfort.

Automatic personalisation and customisation

Not only does the Loxone Smart Home know and understand your cooling and heating preferences, it also learns how long it will take to bring a room to the temperature levels that you want. No more suffering in the cold, while you wait for a room to heat up. When you come home, expect the interior atmosphere to be toasty and welcoming. Come summertime, you will be spared from coming home into a hot and humid bedroom as well. What is even more impressive is that the system learns all about this all on its own, and will be able to personalise and customise different rooms at different temperatures.

Works right on schedule

The Smart Home doesn’t stop at knowing your preferences in terms of temperature in different rooms in your house. It also takes note of when you want a room warmed up, when not to turn off the heat, and where to keep the heater running. Yes, it remembers your schedule and works right on time. Think of it as your PA in heating and cooling. But this feature not only works on simple and straightforward schedules. For instance, if you sleep in on Thursdays because it’s your day off, it will not switch off the bedroom’s heating, even if it usually does on other days of the week. And an hour or so before your scheduled arrival at home, it would already start working to ensure you come home to a warm and inviting house.

How does the Smart Home do all these self-learning features? With the help of the powerful and intelligent Miniserver that comes with plenty of features that you can enjoy without the added cost. It has an integrated calendar, so the system can keep up with your busy schedule and, sometimes, hectic lifestyle. It is also responsible for the timer, and when to open and close the blinds, depending on the time of day.

Economy and efficiency

Heating and cooling could be one of the biggest expenses in your home, but you will bleed more money if it is old and not as functional as before. Time to get a replacement, then. It is understandable that you would be apprehensive about buying a new heating and cooling system, especially one with nifty features, as each element added into the device could mean added cost. But think about this: Loxone Smart Home will help slash your utility bills, as it will automatically lower heating whenever a window is opened. It will also give you information on your home’s heating and cooling statistics. Which part of your home are you using the most or the least energy? Where else can you potentially bring the cost further down? With data at the palm of your hand, you can skip the guesswork and jump right into saving money and energy.

As an added bonus, the system will also protect pipes from bursting during winter, especially when you’re going on a holiday. The Smart Home automatically goes to hibernation, then activates the ‘frost protection’ mode to ensure that you don’t come home with no hot water supply and a very likely plumbing repair bill.

Provide backup whenever necessary

Say your underfloor heating is taking a while to warm up. The Loxone Smart Home finds other solutions to satisfy the warmth and comfort that you need, such as firing up the radiator to make up for the slack of one heating device. No need to suffer the cold even for a minute or vice versa. And because controls of glass windows and bi-fold doors can be integrated with the Smart Home, passive cooling will also be provided. When a room reaches the ideal temperature after the sun is allowed to stream through the blinds, it will then automatically close to keep the warmth in and prevent the room from becoming too hot.

Pre-configured modes available

Don’t you just hate it when you have to change the settings every time? What if you are unsure how you want the heating and cooling system to work in a particular room? The good news is Loxone Smart Home comes with different modes pre-configured for your convenience. You can use it to discover what you like and then make your own adjustments for a more ‘personalised’ mode. You can choose among ‘frost protection’ mode, ‘party’ mode and ‘holiday’ mode, among others. When you use the pre-configured settings, you save time than if you were to do it manually. Quick as a wink, you might say.

If you want to create your own modes, in addition to the configured ones, you can do so in just a few steps. What is even better is that the process is almost similar to saving a document file, and you get to name your customised mode any way you like for easy recall. Along with the mobile app, keeping in full control of your heating and cooling system is a breeze.

Harmony between cooling and heating

Opposites may attract, but not where your home’s cooling and heating system is concerned. Depending on the season and the temperature, only one should be working, not both, or, worse, the wrong device. That is, the air-conditioner is on, when the weather is cold. The reason that this happens is because traditional heaters and coolers don’t always communicate with each other. But things will work quite differently with the Loxone Smart Home. The system ensures that the radiators and air-conditioners in your home are working harmoniously – never together, but always giving way for the other, depending on what is in demand.

Ease of control

With the Smart Home, each room will have their own thermostat, which could mean that you would have to operate them individually. Well, not really. Using a mobile app, you can set different temperatures for different rooms and then adjust them to your desired settings. No more moving from one room to another and doing the work manually. And because you can do so via an app, you can remotely access the heating system wherever you are. Do you want the entire house toasty by the time you arrive? Just grab your phone and activate the system at a press of a button. You can do the same thing via remote control if you are within proximity, and web interface when you are still in the office or out of the house.

As if that is not impressive enough, you also have the option to set your heater to run automatically and when you can override it manually. Your schedule might have changed or you want one room to be kept warm for the most part of the day, requiring you to override the automated system, giving you full control of your entire heating and cooling system. It is just a matter of making adjustments via mobile app, remote control or web interface.

Home protection

How else can the Loxone Smart Home save you money? Well, it can also keep radiator actuator rust-free by automatically adjusting it to keep rusting and blockages from causing damage. There are many reasons a radiator becomes ineffective, but a common culprit is sludge and other corrosion that keeps the air from circulating properly. When blockage becomes too much, the system must be flushed, which will cause you money. If the damage goes beyond the radiator itself, the more money you will have to spend on repairs or replacement. This makes the Smart Home the perfect solution for protecting your home’s heating.

How about during winter? Remember the ‘frost protection’ mode? This is more than enough to keep pipes from freezing up and then bursting when the weather is awfully cold. You would not even have to tell Smart Home to do its job, as it will activate the pre-configured mode automatically. When the temperature starts to drop, leave it to Loxone Smart Home to keep pipes intact, saving you from possible repair bills and plumbing problems. Of course, if the pipes are old or has already gone through wear and tear, protection is not guaranteed. The efficacy of the system greatly relies on a fully functional and operable fixtures. So, for as long as pipes are in good condition, burst protection from the Smart Home is guaranteed. This will spare you from the structural and cosmetic damage to your property and your budget.

Reminders are provided

No heating and cooling system will last without periodic maintenance. Unfortunately, remembering when to have it checked for maintenance and repair might be something you will overlook, given the many things you have to think about. Not to worry, let Smart Home do the monitoring for you. Since it already tracks your heating and cooling preferences and schedules, it might as well set up reminders for maintenance. And it does not disappoint. It will monitor how hard your heating has been working, and when it needs some TLC. When it is time to have it checked for maintenance and replacement of parts, it will send you a message via email. You can rest easy about keeping track of maintenance schedule, and your heating and cooling can rest easy knowing it will be given a new lease on life after periodic checks and fixes.

With Loxone Smart Home, some of the repetitive yet vital chores that you need to do daily is taken off your hands. Setting the thermostat to the right temperature can be time-consuming when not automated, so is remembering to switch it off the moment you leave a room. But with smart sensors and the Miniserver that come with the Smart Home, the system has you covered.


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