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Smart Home Automation Door Entry and Communication

The Loxone Smart Home Automation of Door Entry and Communication brings full protection to your home by allowing you complete control at all times. You can now control the door controller and access function block to quickly ensure that no one enters your home unless you give them permission to.

Your Loxone smart phone app enables you to see a live image of who wants to enter your home from the camera you have set up. No matter where you are, whether you are at home or away, you can set this up to see all that is going on in your home. You can now answer the door from anywhere. If someone rings your doorbell, you can see who it is and allow them inside your home or state you are unavailable at the moment. You no longer have to show your face and can relay the message through an intercom.

This also allows a level of convenience for you. You no longer have to walk to the door to let someone in. Instead, all you need to do is press one button. Besides this, it also helps with increasing home security when you are away.Loxone Smart Door Entry

For example, if you are travelling but still need people to enter your home to deliver mail or clean your house, you can still make sure that everything is safe and only people you want on your property are allowed. The Loxone app enables you to interact and communicate with them as well. For example, you can quickly tell the mailman to leave your packages in the garage.

You can also ensure your smart home home privacy with the Loxone app. If you are at home but want a quiet night in, you can program the Smart Home Automation to say that you are unavailable at the moment.

Integrated logging and tracking means that every time anyone enters your home, it is automatically recorded. You can quickly view this on your handheld device and can also have it notify you if anything unusual occurs. You can be notified through text or phone call if someone has entered your home without your permission. You can also personalize door entry settings so that when you enter your home, you are welcomed by the lights turning on or music playing. Customizing your home completely to your imagination is one of the excellent features of the Loxone Smart Home Automation.

All you need is the Miniserver, a Loxone 1-Wire extension that sits between the electronic key reader and the Miniserver, an electronic key that sends signals to your Miniserver, and an electronic key reader which connects to the 1-wire extension. The Miniserver also can serve to automate other parts of your home besides the security aspect. This includes lighting, shading, climate, and other features to make your home as livable as possible.

The Loxone Smart Home Automation allows door entry and communication to be increasingly simple. It also works with your security system and can work with other Loxone features such as light or heating control. This allows your smart home to always be working to your advantage, giving you time to relax and enjoy yourself when you are at home or away.


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