Home Automation – Rako Lighting System

Home automation – Rako Lighting System  RAKO 2-button-modular-control-panel

In the home automation field, the Rako Lighting systemRako leads the way in remote control, digital dimming technology, offering a cost effective and simple to use home lighting system. The fact that it can be retro fitted without the need to re-decorate makes it one of the most popular digital lighting systems. With wireless or wired controls, quick and expert installation by Bert Electrics can bring all the benefits of the Rako lighting control system into your home or business premises.

The most popular keypads for both wired and wireless have 7 buttons – 4 scenes, off, master raise and master lower – but there are also 2-button, 3-button and 6-button versions available which are mainly used for curtains and blinds.

The wired keypads can also have a 10-button version so we can put funky things on the extra keys, or they can do blind control/curtain control as well – with up, down and stop buttons. The wired system allows far greater functionality and we would definitely recommend this for a new-build or major refurb. The wireless system is great and best suited for 2-3 rooms. If more than 4 rooms are being fitted, we would really look to the wired system.

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Wireless Rako Lighting System

The wireless Rako lighting system offers a sophisticated digital lighting control without Rako Transmitter the need to re-wire the installations.

It uses a RAK system with the RXLink wireless interface which remembers four different levels of settings for each of the four possible lighting scenes. Wall plates can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted into a standard back-box and the control modules with each lighting circuit can be mounted in the ceiling or in the central cupboard.

When a button is pressed on the wall control panel, the signal is transmitted by the radio code to the receivers, which in turn control the individual dimmer and fade the lights to the previously arranged settings. This Rako lighting setup derives from theatre’s complex lighting systems and this sophisticated setup can be now achieved by pressing one button with the preset lighting scene.

The RAK System is perfect for Scene Lighting in the commercial world, finding applications throughout conference facilities, restaurants, clubs and home cinemas. RAK lighting control can also be integrated with home automation and security systems.

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Wired Rako Lighting System

Rako Panels
The Rako wired system is normally used for larger-scale commercial projects or for customers who prefer a cabled network. Using ‘CAT5’ cabling, where system components can be wired as a ‘daisy chain’ or a ‘starred network’, the wired RAKO lighting setup offers more control options and bigger processing power. There are two parts which comprise the wired Rako lighting system: control devices and dimming devices.

For both wireless and wired lighting systems, time-clocks, user control s and security settings are accessible through a Rako Bridge. This is a device which connects PC, via wi-fi, and enables users to create programmable options for different parts of the home automation setup. Rako Bridge can also store project information to allow mobile devices to access control file systems through the Android and Apple Rako apps.

With the ability to adapt and modify, the RAKO lighting system can offer you a flexible solution to creating different ambient scenes for different events, help you control home automation elements like curtains, blinds, lights and security systems and, at the same time, by creating timed events, save you money by lowering your energy bill.

At Bert Electrics we realise that planning a project like this can be confusing, especially with the large number of electrical and lighting system components currently available. With an unparalleled range of solutions, together with a hugely experienced support team, Bert Electrics are here and always willing to help.

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Benefits Of Using An Approved Electrician

Benefits Of Using An Approved Electrician
When it comes to hiring a professional, you want to make sure that you are hiring the right person or team for the job. You can look online to find testimonials and reviews about a company or professional. You can’t always trust what is being said about a firm on their own website but if you find positive reviews on general sites, you can take a lot of confidence that they can offer you a reliable service. Another area you can look to for assurance is with trade bodies and institutions.
If an electrician is accredited to NAPIT or TRUSTMARK, you can take a great deal of comfort in the standard of their work and of the level of service that they will; provide you with. The fact that these bodies will guarantee the work of a professional and provide customers with a place to turn if they are unhappy about the service provides a great deal of comfort and assurance for clients. Whether you are a domestic, commercial or business client, having this information makes it a lot easier to put your trust in what an electrician has to offer.
Anyone looking for a fully qualified and endorsed local electrician in Gerrards Cross will find that Bert Electrics has everything that they need. Bert has been operating as an electrician since 1985 and has a great deal of experience. The fact that he is accredited to NAPIT and TRUSTMARK is a great boon for local clients. Bert can provide a wide range of positive testimonials from satisfied customers but the additional benefit of being able to offer this backing will help to put clients at ease. Whether you require an electrical testing or even an emergency electrician service, Bert Electrics is the local firm to rely on. Bert Electrics also have comprehensive and up to date liability insurance in place.
There are guarantees that come from working with an approved electrician
This means that customers, be they domestic or business clients will get a number of guarantees when they use this firm. One of the biggest reasons to choose Bert Electrics is down to the safety and competence that is on offer from working with them. The dangers involved with working with electrics when you are unsure of what you should be doing are huge. It is not recommended that any business attempts to carry out electrical work unless they know what they are doing. Bert has the experience, the expertise, the tools and the patience to ensure that the job is carried out properly.
This not only ensures that the employees are kept safe but it ensures that the safety of the building is not compromised. A business that loses its power can find itself at risk of losing clients and business, which ultimately can mean a considerable loss of money. This is why the benefits of hiring a local professional vastly outstrips the cost of hiring a professional. Any Gerrards Cross business looking to ensure that they are properly equipped needs to hire the services of a qualified and professional endorsed local electrician.
Another hugely important issue for firms is ensuring that they comply with all building regulations. There is a need for some electrical hobs to registered with local building control. This means carrying out these jobs in-house may actually be a breach of local regulations. This is why hiring a local electrician with experience of dealing with the local building control professionals will be of great benefit to a business. Bert Electrics has worked considerably in the local area, which means you can rely on him to ensure that all of the paperwork and administrative duties are in place before electrical work is carried out.
Given the importance of your business, it is essential that you work with the best professionals in the local area. For firms operating in Gerrards Cross, Bert Electrics provides everything you need.

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What’s George Best got to do with Bert Electrics

George Best

What’s George Best got to do with Bert Electrics

George Best, most probably one of the best footballers ever! A legend of football and a hero of his era, but have you met George Balkin, Georgehe is the newest superstar to join Team Bert Electrics, and speaking of BEST, this boy play; we are not talking football, put a screwdriver, drill or electric tester in his hand and he is happy as Larry! Under the supervision of Doctor Bert, George shows what he is BEST at, and that is electrics, he is the latest talent to be added to the team of Bert Electrics but he is already showing his worth with a willingness to learn and that very important factor of ensuring we deliver the very best to our customers. Go George, scoring points for Bert Electrics and meeting the goals of our customers. We are so happy to have him on the team, our newest striker helping us deliver the best services for electrical services to the London area.
Earlier this month we introduced our newest member of the team George “Best” Balkin, who is now feeling right at home with Bert Electrics and proving to be a popular member of our team with customers, colleagues and other trades men. As an electrician in Rickmansworth life can get pretty stressful but George is always calm and collected as well as a very quick learner able to handle rewires, carrying out electrical testing and even going that extra mile producing excellent cups of tea for the crew and doing the all-important sandwich runs at lunch time, after all us electricians in London need to eat just like anybody else.bert-thums-up
In his spare time George “Best” Balkin, just like his famous footballing legend namesake loves nothing more than a good kick around (We are talking football here). He is also a bit of a guitar hero and we are once again referring to the real thing not the Xbox game. We are very happy at how fast he can learn new skills in the electrical trade, an important factor for an electrician in London (And anywhere else for that matter) He is more than competent to carry out all kinds of electrical work on his own and is also competent working as a team, all in all George “Best” Balkin is a top scorer for Team Bert Electrics and a great team player. He has certainly earned his shirt and we are certain he will continue to impress our customers and his workmates.

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He Goes the Bertie Man

Bert Electrics

Bertie-Man, Bertie-Man, does whatever a sparky can
Changes lights, any size
Does re-wires, and likes pies
Look out. There’s goes the Bertie-Man!

As far back as Darryl can remember (well, around the mid-80s) he always wanted to be an electrician.

Darryl Bertie is BNI Hemel Hempstead’s sparky with an electrical personality that could keep an army of Duracell bunnies clashing cymbals for months. His company, Bert Electrics, provides electrical services in and around the Watford area.

Bert Electrics will take on all manner of commercial and domestic electrical work. And his repertoire is vast:

from changing a light bulb (not as easy as it sounds)

carrying out electrical tests and checks

a complete rewire of your home or office

a major refurbishment or rebuild working with other building trades

And he’s got Health & Safety covered. Everything Darryl and his small but perfectly formed team do is in line with Building Standards and current legislation. On top of that the quality’s top-notch too.Darryl’s based in the Watford area of Rickmansworth, working with residents and businesses within a 25 mile radius in his distinctive blue van that has ‘Make The Connection’ emblazoned across the side.The ‘Bertie Zone’ includes The West End of London, Slough, Aylesbury, St Albans, Watford and Rickmansworth. Though he will consider places slightly further afield so if you’re outside the Zone please get in touch. He may go the extra mile!What else can he tell you? He’s a happy guy, no Misery Mondays for Our Darryl. He’s takes one sugar in his tea or coffee. Is a big West Ham fan (but don’t hold that against him). His radio raves are XFM or Radio 6, but if Classic FM is your thing, he won’t switch stations. And crucially he always, always tidies up.

So if you’re seeking a bright sparky who’s competent, confident and smiley, call London: 020 8454 7125
Watford: 01923 369 194
Or Via our site @ http://bertelectrics.co.uk/contact

He’ll carry out a site visit and get a free, no obligation quote into your hands before you can say ‘Do I need a rewire?

Whats Boy George got to do with Bert Electrics?

Boy George

Whats Boy George got to do with Bert Electrics ?

We would like to give a very warm welcome to our newest Boy George member of “Team Bert Electrics”; “Boy George” Balkin, picked from the best of the best, our new apprentice (and all round star) is already displaying his skills and assets to Bert Electrics! In the 80’s “Boy George” released a hit called “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me!” Our “Boy George” is the complete opposite, his mission is to ensure that when he is doing his electrical testing, rewiring as an electrician in London, is that “NO, he doesn’t want to hurt you, in fact he wants to make sure no-one is hurt and carries out all his work to the very highest of standards. As a member of Team Bert and under the close supervision of Dr Bert, “Boy George” Balkin is becoming a very important member of our team Bert and as an electrician in Rickmansworth as opposed to an 80’s star is showing his true worth (He may not be in the Top 40s but with ourselves he is number one and with an eager willingness to learn, always ready to take on any task and an overall “ROCK STAR” when it comes to electrical testing, our “Boy George” Balkin has everything it takes to be a member of Team

Bert Electrics. All that is left to say is Welcome to the team, of Bert Electrics, Karma Chameleon Son.


Bert Electrics George


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